Project Manager

Manage all of your Projects, Settings, Preferences, and License Activation. 

Windows explorer: Opens windows explorer with current project directory highlighted. Users frequently want to access the assets folder, where many screen captures or access Excel data folders.

History: Shows a list of projects that were recently saved.

Root folder: All projects are saved under the root folder shown in the UI. Users are recommended to review the performance section regarding management of root folder. 

Coordinate system: BloomCE desktop handshakes with data from CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Revit to read the large/GEO coordinates. In the projects, where such coordinates are available, users can switch the user interface between Project coordinates (usually smaller numbers) and World Coordinates (usually large numbers). Users can make the switch anytime in the UI and they will find that coordinates values match in the other CAD systems. While exporting data, back to those CAD system, BloomCE desktop automatically chooses the best coordinate system and it is independent of the setting in pull down menu.